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In Arthur Jay’s latest adventure, public hysteria has reached epic proportions over the class action lawsuit of Everyone versus Everyone. Fed up with the status quo, everyone is suing everyone for the state of society, politics, the arts, the environment and the American Dream. Sixteen trillion dollars hang in the balance as corporations, politicians, and everyone else, are all taken to court. Join Attorney Otto Griebel and his six hand chosen witnesses as they lay out their case in this page turning novella. Who will win the trial of the century? Everyone, or Everyone?



Fraternity House is an inspired novel and memoir in the spirit of Charles Bukowski's Post Office. The story follows the daily life of the famous Sigma Delta Delta in three parts. In parts one and two, Arthur Jay's alter ego, Cleaver, takes you behind the scenes as the brothers of Sig Delt cook, clean and indulge in the guilty pleasures of Greek life. In part three, Cleaver and his classmates battle through the pledge program to become brothers. If you've ever lived in a frat house or wondered what really happens behind those lettered doors, you'll love the captivating characters, hilarious anecdotes and shocking world of Fraternity House.

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