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From a young age, I always loved reading. The worlds that books revealed to me, shaped me, and it was always my dream to write a book of my own. Around 2010, after a decade writing opinion pieces for local newspapers, I set off to write the great American novel. After four years of stop and go progress, I finally self-published the

semi-autobiographical “Fraternity House” in 2014. In 2016, I self-published the political satire “Everyone Versus Everyone”. For me, the journey from conception to publishing was a long one, with many ups and downs. But ultimately, publishing itself, was the reward at the end of the tunnel. Being able to put my writing out there, has allowed me the ability to finish a project, move on to the next one, and keep on writing. I’m currently working on short stories and flash fiction, examples of which you’ll find on my website. In the coming weeks, I’ll be opening up arthurjay.com to guest submissions of original short fiction and illustration. All content that gets approved will appear on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. My hope for the website is that it will serve as a resource for other independent artists. Hopefully it will inspire others to create, and their creations might go on to inspire others. So stay tuned. Join the mailing list. Submit your own content and check in often to see the new writing and illustration as arthurjay.com takes off down this dusty trail. Yours Truly, Arthur Jay

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